Friday, January 15, 2010


Hey all. Finally I'm here. These people gave me an option between whether or not I wanted my REAL name to be published. I chose the former option (maybe because I really don't know why I should choose not to disclose my name, when I'm showcasing my ideas and posting them on such a high profile medium).... Was planning to start blogging since forever, but things had to work out finally on the 16th of Jan...btw I'm at work and too much is happening around me, some of which I can't mention (or maybe shouldn't), the rest I'm mentioning with a hope that none of my office colleagues will read my blog....and ya some of it, is very 'it's what i'm thinking ryt now' stuff.....First things first. Suddenly I've been loaded with loads of work (suddenly means 5 mins after I wrote the first word of my first blog). Not that I mind being loaded coz I like being busy..... busy doing things I love to do, n not crap. And, it's some interesting copy work that's been handed over to me, which should go live soon, so yes, I'm kinda excited.

Since the day I first stepped into my workplace I kept feeling I'd seen one of the people here (I'm saying 'people' coz I didn't know until 15 mins back who he was), somewhere.....his face resembled one of my close friends long back. I thought he looked good but somehow was in a quandary about whether to call him decent looking or ummmm....wierd, but today I know that all I want to do is refrain from using any 'controversial words' for describing him (controversial in the sense of 'not positive ones' because until today I was watching him behind a tinted glass wall and today I saw him clear......). The reason for refraining is because I think he's my boss.....(and he is popping up in my cubicle every now and then and I have to keep minimising this window)....can't re-read to check what I've written on my first blog. How sad. But ya, that's life...oh God! too much, for description of life. But ya, before my job tanks, cyao..loved blogging....though I really don't know what to do next and how to get people reading it....(though Im not exactly sure I want people to read it). minimise again. tc.


  1. Hi, Good work for a start!!! Hope to read more :)Write on!!!!!

  2. very Nice Blog....well done
    mee too minimized several times while posting a comment.
    Bosses suck!!!
    so finally u following ur new year resolution


  3. yup. I'm 15 days late, but who cares....:)at least Ive started...and tksfor teh comments.

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere missy!!! So thats one new years resolution checked out..waiting for the rest..and ya remain active on the blog.. waiting for more :)

  5. perfect!!! I have always recognised this style of writing...and believe me,am influenced by it I know where it comes from in me! :D

    Lovely girl!!! Am waiting for ur upcoming blog posts. Be frequent! :D

  6. woooooffffff...... stop girl! take some time to gather yourself, braeth first, I think you wrote this one in a single breath, thats a nice way to start something what u want in the first month of a fresh year...
    what about your boss lady, if he came to know from here and there then u are gone, then one thing is for sure u will get a full time to blog.
    Nice work ma'am ; i want to tell u that u have a very nice style of writing, the flow remains energetic and the reader always fells good and energetic after reading your columns.. good work keep it up.. Hoping to see some more

  7. interesting day i suppose.. well!! good work.. congrats..on the new start.

  8. gr8 blog about writing a blog... comment to my comment

  9. antara i praise you for the praise..