Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thank you my 'commentators'

Hello....It's been a good and a busy day today, working and all...and now that I've come back home, I know I want to start writing my BLOG2 (seriously, I'm badly bitten by the bukbug.....nice one. Did u even understand why i called the term 'bukbug' nice one????).....ok, so, the first question that pops up in my mind is what to, I never knew I could ever be so thoughtless....thoughtless??? God, English is a funny language....By thoughtless here, I meant to say idea less, suffering from lack of words (suffering is a hugely heavy word, but that's fine), not knowing what to write etc etc. So, let me just pick up this chance to thank my friends for the comments they posted for my blog (first blog to be specific, as I've been proudly claiming...not that there's something to be proud of, about blogging, but all those who've been trying to work upon their new year resolutions since years and failing constantly, will understand exactly why I'm proud)...lemme call them my amazing group of commentators (COs)......

It wouldn't be a lie, if I said, I forced 'a few' to write comments, but that's what friends are for, right? You force them to praise you, butter you, say good...nah great words in your favour, and they do least this is how my friends have been. Very kind, very encouraging, very very encouraging at times and very supportive. Whatever I've done, I've always been made to feel that I've done the best thing and in the best possible way.....I think they deserve a thank you....

Thank you my co1, Anjali, my office colleague from DNA and one of the liveliest people I've ever met; Akhilesh bhaiyya (co2, I meant commentator 2 btw), one of the most 'politics savvy' and intelligent people in my life; Shruti (co3, ab co3 ka koi heavy meaning mat nikaal lena), the uber intelligent scholar; Abhilasha (my c04), my biggest praises come from her, and last but no way the least Vivek (my c05), a sweetheart (and my biggest encouragements come from him)...The mentioned ones are one of those people about whom I realllly care....With such people around me, who gets the chance to get upset or feel bogged down???? Tks a lot (Wow....sentiments are taking rounds around me since the solar eclipse.....hmmmm...somethings wrong!)...For now, gud nyt everyone (gud nyt indicates that lucky people will go and have their ghar ka khana and then sleep and the unluckier ones, where I stand first, will reluctantly open the tiffin centre ka tiffin with crossed fingers and hope it's not one of those pulses I've been eating since 2009) Keep commenting on my 'upcoming blogs' (I'll pataofy the others too)....stay tuned (or tunn'ed'....samajhne waale samajh gaye)....minimise again. TC

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