Monday, January 18, 2010

THINK local

A toothpick (no groans's some serious mind rattling stuffs I'm gonna discuss....). ok, how many times do we really think of it? Never is the most apt answer. But just try to recall the last time a b****y strand of chicken (sorry vegetarians....please be 'innovative' and think of your own example) placed itself comfortably in the gap of your teeth and became impertinent and stubbron to come out? Try recalling your algorithmic approaches for taking it out. Here are the top 5 as per me....
5th, your long nails ('mostly' if you are a girl or if you are not and yet like flaunting long nails....why???), 4th, your tongue (pushing it hard baby...ahem...),
3rd, some visiting card or a sharp edged piece of paper (ya, that works and yes, I've done that....ewww...but practical),
2nd, safety pin (the ever so helpful safety pin) and
at the top comes the ever ignored and the least loved, THE TOOTHPICK...the final hero, the amazing innovation which usually tops the list of the least considered alsorans when listing the top 50 home aids, becomes the 'can't-do-without-you' necessity.....doesn't it?
So, that's my top innovation for today- the calm, quiet and humble helper. What's yours? (someone has to acknowledge the smaller innovations)
P.S. If you think this post is a result of idleness, then try inventing some really uncomplicated and simple innovations.....for that case, try THINKING SIMPLE and LOCAL

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