Thursday, February 4, 2010

good bye (2)

goood morning people....this is the second one i drafted for 'my very good friend's' friend who NON COINCIDENTALLY was also working at Clarksis and was also frustrated.
happy reading.

This is my good bye letter folks but I would rather start with a Thank you rather than a good bye. Anyways Clarksis has taught me that going the tedha way really works. So thank you Clarksis for showering me with so much knowledge about the world and giving me tips and tricks of surviving even in the most adverse conditions. Thanks to you that I got a fast track watch, a landline to make free local calls, a few good friends and the happiest moment of my life- signing my resignation letter. Also, how can I forget to thank you for bringing out the hidden in me?
I'm just not able to control my smile and I feel like shouting 'it's my last day here' but the reason for my is not just but other reasons too. The first one is 'a he' who always hovered around my head and sucked the senses out of me and yet asked reasons for my irregularity. The next is 'a she' whose sight on the seat 'next to my just next' convinced me of the worsts the world has. Boss, you put me on to someone who knew nothing and confused the hell out of me and yet expected me to feel good about every new 'mourning'.
After every team meetings, I found myself unable to take the company seriously, so I'm calling it quits. So as a farewell message, I would like to pass a word of advice to the 'lower salary recipient' who will soon fill my position, 'start thinking positive and ignoring 'common sense' '.
I would miss most of you except a few who bugged me and made me utter words of heavenly love under my breath. It's time to move away from horrid sheets and 'excel' somewhere better. I've since forever hoped of leaving this company and today I'm more than happy to be doing so. I would just suggest my friends here to stop being proactive and stop taking troubles in training brains that have long stopped working. I wish all the best to the surviving good ones. Stay together and switch soon. If you are finding it difficult to find positive qualities the office offers, just remember the 2.30 bus service and the last-day-of-the-month-ATM-cheques.
I love you all….well most of you.
Happy to sign off

It's not always that you are being denied salary hikes or promotions because of 'your wrong' behavior, neither does 'not getting salary as per the work' mean that you are worthless, cribbing bosses don't necessarily mean you are not up to the mark, neither is it that 'office is always bad'. But sometimes adverse things do happen in this world which brings out the worst in you. Maybe a good bye letter like the above 2 are not always a good solution and panga leke nikalna not a necessity, but there's a 'but' which dominates the minds of the victims of the professional world and the same happened with these two friends of mine! Please consider the letters as light reading and don't try it out in your professional life....even if it sucks :-) Sometimes a switch and a smile are the best options....and for the rest of the times, good bye letters rock!

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