Thursday, February 4, 2010

good bye letter

Hey back to you after a loooong time. All these days, I've been a bit couldn't get time to write....busy...ummm...busy killing time...ya, that's a hell lot of a job when you have to sit at a place without moving your tushi and kill 9 hours...btw people, did I share a particular 'good-bye' mail that I drafted for one of my very good friends, who's also a rebel and a philanthropist (the latter is written so as not to give you a wrong impression about him....which will happen after you read this good bye letter). Also, this particualr letter was 'ACTUALLY' sent to all his colleagues and his boss, when he was quitting his office(which sucked so bad that even I could feel it). I've replaced the name of the company with an imaginative name Clarksis.
STATUTORY WARNING: Any resemblence to any person living or dead, is NOT coincidental.

Have fun.


As you already know, today is my last day at this heaven of a company. But before I leave, I want to take the opportunity to bid you all an adieu and tell you what a great pleasure it is to type 'today is my last day'.

It's all over I'm afraid to say my friends but the best part is that, I'm loving it. I've smiled through the caustic office hours more during this week than anytime throughout my tenure here. Just 2 months at Clarksis made me feel like calling it quits. Though for nearly as long as I've worked here, I've hoped that I might one day leave this company, I stayed afloat. But today I just can't ignore my rescue boat which is sailing happily towards me.

Last night I spent a hell lot of time thinking whether I'll miss working here or not and the '2 seconds' long thought convinced me that I won't. But I will miss knowing most of you guys.

I'll miss training the pretty confident lass sitting next to me and scoffing her catastrophic attitude on me every morning. I'll miss the toilet and the benevolent canteen where I spent most of my last days at work. I'll also miss 'the others' at Clarksis who made me believe why common sense is not so common. To the same person I would like to thank for helping me to not feel guilty about leaving my first job. My dream was to sign a resignation asap and thank you dude for strengthening my determination every morning. Words cannot express my gratitude for the words of gratitude you did not express.

Your demands were high and your IQ low.But I do admire the way you have succeeded in maintaining your hold in this office even without any understanding of the work you've been doing for the past ahem years. You blamed my communication skills but I should say your communication skill kills. It's thanks to that I'm leaving today (not that I'm complaining).

And to most of my neighbors in the office, I wish all the best. Stay together and switch soon. The other unfortunate ones who can't leave this job, just remember the 2.30 bus service and the last-day-of-the-month-ATM-cheques.That will make your stay peaceful and easy.

I love you all….well most of you. Happy to say this is my last mail from this id. If you are just not getting the right push to start searching for a new job, 'Press key' and you'll get the perfect guidance.

Some people are paranoid because of people they meet. I'm one of them. Don't blame me.


*Press key is similar to the name of BV's boss.


  1. Sweetie, you are most certainly drafting my good-bye mail to certain profs when i am passing out :D