Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kenny G, Afternoons and all my memories....

Everything began on a happy note….I got up this morning with ‘Friday’ smiling at me and I smiling back….I kissed ma on her soft cheeks and happily left for work….But the sun outside did act as a spoiler even in my 10 minute drive (ahem, auto drive, but whatever) from home to work…But the moment I entered my office I saw red curtains with floral designs etched on them, hanging limply on the huge sliding windows. The curtains had been pulled on, thus shielding the room from the scorching sun outside. I smiled involuntarily especially because I love thick, red curtains and they usually make me very sleepy.

I got down to work, with Facebook, Gmail and twitter on my Firefox tabs and headphones on my ears….I put some nice instrumentals on the media player and started browsing though FB….. While Kenny G was playing directly on my ears, I browsed through some random pics of my old school friends on FB. Trust me, music and nostalgia has a very weird effect on you. I felt I was in a time machine……images of my 3rd and 4th std started flashing in front of my eyes….The 'pensieve' had floating images of my summer vacations when the boiling afternoons would be mocked on face by our happy faces in our rooms shaded with curtains….I saw my 3rd year of College when I met Vivek for the first time on one hot sunny afternoon at a tapri. Though there were many people, Vivek and I got to talking for the first time…..I saw the year 2005, my first Sunday afternoon, from my first week of college, when I spent the whole hot afternoon sitting on my window sill with hot winds blowing on my face…..unaffected I sat with a glass of cold coffee, thinking of how much I had waited for my college life, my independent life, since the first time I had read about ‘A Naughty Girl at School’……..I saw visuals of my 2nd (or 3rd) std when Suvarsha, Meera and I had gone to Abhilasha’s place to make thermocole models of ‘places of worship’, our school project….I saw a plump girl of 6 or 7 confidently practicing ‘three magic words’, the topic of our prayer service, on our school stage at 12 noon….then I saw a girl proudly leading her Topaz House team for the march past….that was a hot afternoon too….

While Kenny G plays ‘dying young’, I would like to thank God for such an amzing life….amazing friends…..and those hot afternoons and red curtains which have time again taken me to times which I once lived innocently, but now can only call them nostalgia….Though my life saw many ups and downs, but still I call it an utopian tale which started with a small, shy, plump girl, with dimpled cheeks writing an ulta D….Thanks ma, thanks dad, thanks to my amazing friends, Vivek and many others who make me feel special every moment and make me feel like living my life to the fullest….

I envy that li’l girl’s life….but I don’t wish to live her life, again…. I just wish I can have that li’l plump girl’s happiness and her friends and her family……forever! :)


  1. am emo again!!!! Whats this yaar!!!! Awesome read though....especially when I can easily connect to what is written,I can imagine the feeling,and most importantly I can feel the feeling....!!!! Love u girl! :) :) Muuaaahh!!! waiting for the next post!


  2. i always knew u can write good..but i never thot u can be so emosssional misha...bhaaat hajjj happpnd???

    anywys school days are the most "BEAUTIFULEST" days for doubt u'd gone all nostalgic bt them!!

  3. mini tiwari.....on blog??????? how come?

  4. mishaaaa..kya kar rahi hai re...sabki sentivitis kara rahi hai.. but seriously yaar those days were something
    @ akanksha: u have a long life re..was telling a friend about the dussehra prayer service and ur hanuman act a few hours back (which btw was immortalized in another blog previously:

  5. wateva u sound like a disturbed personality.. take it easy u dont have to write about this sh*t and we dont have to read it ;)